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Mass Effect 3’s DLC Makes For Expensive Funtimes

Mass Effect 3’s DLC Makes For Expensive Funtimes

Mass Effect 3 takes DLC, add-ons and tie-ins to a whole new level. We knew that anyway, but Destructoid has gone and done the maths that none of the rest of us bothered to do, showing that if you wanted to buy absolutely everything for Mass Effect 3 – well, everything that would have some in-game effect, at least – you would be looking at spending roughly $870. £550. €648.

If you want the spangliest, shiniest and most game-breaking guns to unbalance your game, as well as a few helmets you likely won’t use and some armour that looks out of place, just like the Dragon Age/ME2 armour did, you have to spend half a grand (sterling).

Now, you don’t have to spend this money at all. You don’t even have to buy the game. At no point are you forced into any of this. At no point are you held at gunpoint and made to gather up all the download codes you can alongside some peripherals that, if you’re a PS3 owner, you can’t even use. This is not a situation anyone is actually likely to be in, apart from the extremely rich or the terminally dumb.

Yet still I’m worried by it. Well, maybe not worried, but it has some sort of sense that might be spider-related tingling. It is a precedent, and a worrying one at that.

We’ve already seen how willing publishers are to throw online passes (that unlock offline content) at us; how willing publishers of freemium games are to gouge their customers out of tens/hundreds of pounds for very little reward. If there’s money to be made, companies will go out of their way to make as much as possible in any way they can.

Now I hope it doesn’t go further than this. I’m fine with all this DLC existing. It’s pointless and annoying, but it isn’t mandatory. But it’s opened my eyes a bit wider than they already were, and I’m paying attention.

You should too.

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  • Joey

    Remember the days where companies made all these extras part of the game? Day one DLC is sickening, even after a few months it is.
    Fallout 3 was the best example of how DLC should be, not these online pass new skins day one unlock what should come on the disc DLC shit which is becoming so common.

  • Conor

    Bioware/EA such a greedy duo.Screw both of them

  • hahah

    hahhaahahhahaha …. they are actually joking right?