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Five picks from the week’s PS Store update

Five picks from the week’s PS Store update

Another Wednesday, another update to the PlayStation Store. We’ve taken a look and picked five items to tickle your interest. Observe!


Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage 2

The latest entry in the not-that-bad Dynasty Warriors-alike brawler, based on cult anime hit Fist Of The North Star. It’s not great but you could play far worse, and not that many games let you punch people so hard they explode. One rather large caveat, though – like most new games on PSN, it’s £49.99. Bloody ridiculous. Sony really need to sort out their pricing. Still, if it drops sometime soon, give it a look.


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 is finally available to buy digitally if you are too lazy to go outside (or order it from Amazon.) Again, it’s £50, which is mental, but the more games available on the PlayStation store the better. Blops 2 continues to refine the excellent Call of Duty multiplayer experience into something so smooth it’s hard to hold on to. Also, there’s a single-player bit if you are one of the five people who plays the CoD campaign.


Alien Breed

The Team 17 Amiga classic Alien Breed hits our PS3s and Vitas in a lovely blast of nostalgia. It’s £6.49 with a further 20% off for PS Plus members. If you remember it, you remember how fun it is, and if not, maybe you’ve played one of the newer versions released over the last few years. Take a look.


Bentley’s Hack Pack

A collection of three minigames starring wellchair-bound Sly Cooper sidekick, Bentley. Yeah, we dunno either. It’s only £1.59, so worth a look?


Dead Space 3

First, the small print – it’s not actually on PSN until the 8th. But come Friday you’ll be able to buy Dead Space 3 on the PS Store for the low, low price of – you guessed it – £49.99. Well worth a look for franchise fans and those who enjoy stomping alien nasties into really little bits.

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