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Capcom Includes Paid DLC On The Disc, Hilariously

Capcom Includes Paid DLC On The Disc, Hilariously

Ryu about to punch Kazuya. Probably something DLC-related.

Online passes. DLC. Used games. The price of digital delivery. We talk about it a fair bit on here, because – to us – it matters. We also talk about it because the topics keep on popping up, and they keep on throwing something new into the mix to keep us reading.

Today is no different.

Enter, stage left, Capcom. It’s a developer and publisher that has been guilty of some rather cynical or misguided attempts with DLC in the past. Today is no different.

Then enter, stage right, one David Jaffe. He’s an outspoken developer who has been guilty of some rather gobby but often quite correct outbursts about everything in the past. Today is no different.

See, it’s been discovered that Capcom has included all of the DLC characters from Street Fighter X Tekken on the disc. The disc you buy from the shop has all of the content you will be expected to pay extra for if you want to use it on the disc. You are paying around £50 to buy the game, then you’re paying a few extra quid to be able to access what you’ve already paid for.

Capcom has responded to this, confirming the content is indeed on-disc and stating:

“The character information and files were intentionally included on retail versions of the PS3 and Xbox 360 game to save hard drive space and to ensure for a smooth transition when the DLC is available, allowing players who choose not to purchase the content the ability to play against players that did.”

We love Capcom. We do. It’s a company that produces some of our favourite games. SFXT is a good game. But this is absolute bollocks. Absolute shit.

But what does David Jaffe have to do with any of this? Well, in an unrelated interview that popped up around the same time as Capcom’s insane defence of an indefensible practice, the Twisted Metal man said:

“Consumers feel games are too expensive and they shouldn’t have to care about the machine behind the scenes of how they get their games.

“They should feel that they’re getting great value for what they spend. They should feel that they’re being respected by the people who make the games and that they’re being entertained well beyond what they paid for their entertainment… The customer is basically saying they’re cynical, they think we’re greedy, and they think they’re not getting value for their dollar.”

Please read, re-read and re-re-read what David says there, Capcom. For the good of all our collective sanity. If you’re determined to lock out content even though you’ve already developed it before the game’s release, don’t put it on the disc and do offer us a dinner. It’d still come across as cynical and would still make us feel ripped off, but at least we’d get something to eat before you fucked us.

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  • Joey

    You gotta’ love the greed of industry. Any industry, be it gaming, the EU, banking, it’s no different. You squeeze every last little bit of milk out of the average joe majority’s tit, piss in their pockets and tell them it’s raining and they’ll back you in their exploitation just like how people vote yes to referendums signing their independence to Germany and actually support paying for what they already have paid for like household taxes or day-of-release DLC.

    Might sound off-topic but it’s the same principle of how we all get willingly fucked by the select few because, no doubt, all these paid non-extras will be supported by flocks of us sheep and continue to grow untill we have to give a pint of blood to the respective game companies every time we want to play one of their games which we already paid for.

  • Rob

    I get the point totally, I have already started boycotting DLC like this, Ultimate MVC3? I got the original and heard about this and thought “screw this, this isn’t why I bought the game originally” as said above this is cheating gamers and the fans of the companies who are making these games. Just through browsing forums and talking to people you soon realise how many people refuse to buy stuff because of this. Another thing that makes me laugh is how when you read the companies views on the DLC they always talk like “yeah, you’re getting this DLC, this will keep the game fresh and we love giving the players something new once in a while to keep things interesting” Really? I’m sure you do considering WE HAVE TO PAY for this stuff…. It’s not doing us a favour or “giving” the players new stuff it’s just simply them making more money out of the fans and people who enjoy the games. Now this shouldn’t really be the case….

    Again, as said above, we should really get everything that’s on the disc available from the day it’s put in the disc drive. DLC is just being used as a way for companies to make more money not keep games “fresh” and “interesting” if the DLC was free, then yeah they could say that. The whole DLC for half the games content just really does take the piss out of the people who are buying the games and driving away the fans.


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