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Assassin’s Creed II DLC Inbound


If you recently finished Assassin’s Creed II as we did (don’t worry, we’ll warn you if any spoilers are coming) then you will probably have been given the sense that more was to come. The story wraps itself up pretty nicely, but there are a few moments in the game and a few characters that could well have been used more. Well, Ubisoft has now announced two DLC packs coming in early 2010 that will likely do just that.

AC2_CaterinaSforzaThe Battle Of Forli will be released in January and the Bonfire Of The Vanities will follow in February. We don’t have pricing details on either of these, but we do know that each will be 1GB in size, which suggests plenty to do and see with each. Battle Of Forli will likely return you to the home of Caterina Sforza, the Countess of Forli who you meet briefly on your way to Venice. She was a powerful figure in late 15th century Italy and got herself into a few scrapes you could likely help her with.

As for the Bonfire Of The Vanities, as well as being a novel and film starring Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis, it is also a historically important event in the history of Florence as the Medici family (your allies in the game) were exiled from the region and a dictatorial religious leader took their place. The bonfire was essentially a massive burning session destroying sinful items. Could there be a Templar edge to this torrid tale? We would think so.

POTENTIAL SPOILER COMING!!! We, like many others, believe that these two DLC packs will fill in the ‘corrupted’ memory slots from the Animus (12 and 13) that were skipped past near the end of the game. As you’re told, a rather dark period falls on Italy during this gap and that’s what these packs will tackle. Having said that we don’t think they will add anything too revelatory. SPOILERS END!!!

One little mission we hope to see in this DLC involves a shipyard area which was shown in some of Assassin’s Creed II’s preview screenshots, but we didn’t see in the final game. We’re also hoping there may be some new tomb areas as they were probably our favourite bit. We hope to have more on all such issues very soon.


Via Kotaku

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  • mathew

    thanks for this useful information play. i did wonder why it skipped 12 and 13 of the DNA sequences and judging by the ending is there gonna be a third assassins creed?

  • A third is assured. There’s been talk of a trilogy since the beginning, but where Ubisoft will take it next is anybody’s guess.

  • Alex

    the shipyard was available with some pre-orders. its not for the release in the new dlc’s

  • Damn. I didn’t realise that. That’s a little annoying.