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Will Sony retire the Dual Shock for the PS4?

Will Sony retire the Dual Shock for the PS4?

A report on CVG indicated that Sony might be re-designing the iconic Dual Shock controller for the next-generation PS4. It’s been around for 16 years but according to a source at a senior games studio, it might be time for a new way of controlling our Playstations (no, not the bloody Move.)

Development of the PS4, codenamed Orbis, has apparently seen multiple experiments with different types of controllers, including some with touch screens and biometric sensors. A different source said Sony were “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita.” Sony have declined to comment, obviously.

In our humble opinions, a redesign of the Dual Shock would be welcomed. We don’t want silly sensors or touchscreens cluttering up our controllers, but other changes would definitely be appreciated. Hopefully Sony sort out the triggers to make them more like the superior Xbox 360 ones, and give the pad a slightly weightier feel. Swapping the placement of the left stick and the d-pad, again 360 style, would also be a change for the better.

Will it simply be a slight redesign of the Dual Shock? Will it be a gimmick-loaded (Wii U) monstrosity? Will Wonderbook be the new default method of control? We bloody hope not. With Sony expected to reveal the PS4 in the very near future, hopefully we will all know more soon.

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  • Chris

    Why dont they just allow you to use your vita as a controller for the PS4 ? Rather than completely changing the dual shock.
    Just as long as they change them squidgy triggers.

  • David

    There’s nothing wrong with the dualshock 3 if you ask me and I prefer it over the 360 for most games.

  • DBZ

    I agree david.