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Will PlayStation 4 Bring About The Death Of The ‘AA’ Game?

Will PlayStation 4 Bring About The Death Of The ‘AA’ Game?


Many factors seem to be contributing to the death of the AA: the recession, rising costs, the games being below par, etc. Thing is: what happens when the next-gen arrives and development budgets skyrocket further still?


Well, like seemingly most areas in life, that middle is going to get squeezed. Not a nanosecond goes by without someone moaning about the cost of developing videogames, and these people are probably right.


And they’ll be even more right when the PS4, or Orbis, or Manatee or whatever it’s called makes its bow and the cost of all that grunt is that AA games now cost what AAA games did in the past.


But, and this is a big but, so what? Maybe we should all stop to consider that ‘AAA’ is marketing bull that essentially just means ‘PR spend’?


It’s true that costs will go up next gen, and that certain developers won’t be able to compete with the big boys. So what? Stop chasing the Call of Duty and Battlefield’s of this world, and stop thinking in terms of A-AAA. It doesn’t exist: you invented it to justify telling everyone that your jump button is actually a ‘unique gravitational defiance mechanic’.


And start thinking about the fact that gamers maybe don’t need trillions of dollars poured into graphics to make a game fun and worth buying. Look at Journey: it’s beautiful. It’s a ‘AAA’-game in terms of quality, not in marketing spend or television ads. Would we mind playing a game with graphics like that on PS4? Nope. Stop chasing the almighty opening weekend dollar and other trends, ‘AA’ devs, and not only will you make a better product but you might not go out of business making Homefront 6: This Time It’s Canada.



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  • ED

    I’m personally looking forward to Homefront 7: This Time, It’s Purse-onal (RRP £64.99).

  • tanto

    No if anything it will bring death to the AAA game

    when nobody will put money into giant projects because they cant………

    When a game has to sell 20 million to break even, the industry is officially finished.

  • DarthDiggler

    This all really depends, if we see another hike in game pricing ($65, $70, $75), I really think people will start considering the PC to be a viable alternative as most games there are $50.

    I would like to see the platform holders take advantage of all media formats. We should be able to buy a CD based game for $10-$20. A DVD based game for $30-$50. I think a little diversity would suit the industry quite well, but that isn’t what happened in the movie biz.

  • John

    You’re assuming there will be a viable PS4 to begin with that gets the same developer attention as the next Xbox does with its easily programmable architecture. Sony’s financial shape right now is betting against it and they have no chance in hell.

  • McMorky

    Good article yo. Agreed, Don’t care if every game don’t “UTILIZE PS4 TO DA MAX” At-least every game will be 1080p or more, and probably be 60fps + they get to use the new shaders and gpu so it will look better. We’ll see so many beautiful games even if they are not graphical next gen monsters.

  • usrev2

    homefront would have done better if they didn’t waste money on fail advertisements. seriously they must have spent millions marketing a game to people that already wanted it.

    gamers know the games are coming out, the only places you need to show them are on the consoles dashboard, steam store videos, console videos, and gaming news websites as a demo.