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Why Is Sony Skipping Gamescom?

Why Is Sony Skipping Gamescom?

Sony will not be holding their usual PlayStation conference at Gamescom 2015. A tweet from a Sony marketing executive suggested that Sony would be skipping Gamescom and Sony later confirmed that was the case to Videogamer.

Instead, Sony will be holding a briefing at Paris Games Week on 27 October.


Why this change? The obvious concern is that Sony won’t have enough to show at Gamescom to make a conference worthwhile. If that’s the case, we’re hoping it’s because Sony is going all out at E3 2015.


However, as Sony suggested in their statement, the dates of E3 and Gamescom this year do make the decision to skip Gamescom somewhat understandable.


“With the changes this year of E3 taking place a week later and Gamescom taking place earlier, we feel that both PlayStation and the wider industry would benefit from a major news milestone later in the year, during the most important period for gaming,” Sony told Videogamer. “We are excited about our plans and look forward to sharing some exciting announcements. We will share more information closer to the time.”

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