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Why Female Footballers Aren’t In FIFA 15

Why Female Footballers Aren’t In FIFA 15

With FIFA’s ever growing list of features, many have been wondering when female footballers will finally make an appearance in the series. It won’t be in FIFA 15, but we asked lead producer Sebastian Enrique if it’s something that EA is considering.


“We have thought about it, yes, and we get asked about doing it,” Enrique told Play.


“People ask us for a lot of things every year, including female teams and even including FIFA Street within a FIFA game as a five-a-side mode. And that’s good – I want people to tell us what they want in the game,” Enrique continued.


However, it would seem that EA has decided that there are other priorities when it comes to FIFA.


“It’s always a matter of balancing what we want to build with what we can build,” Enrique explained.


“We always need to make sure that what we can build and what we include ends up being the right package and so far women’s football hasn’t made the cut”.


While that might be disappointing, at least EA is considering making the addition. Hopefully women’s football will find its way into FIFA sooner rather than later.


For more from Enrique on FIFA 15, check out the latest issue of Play.


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