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What we want to see at PAX

What we want to see at PAX

PAX East, the Penny Arcade Expo, starts in a matter of hours. Acting almost as a run-up to E3, here are three things we hope to see coming out of the show:


PAX offers a great chance for Sony to give the gaming public a chance to experience its new Project Morpheus VR headset. Virtual reality is a hard sell, as without trying it yourself, it’s hard to really understand what makes it so exciting. You can read PR spiel until your eyes start to melt, but trying it really is the only way in this case. Sony letting the public get hands-on would be a great PR move, as excited and satisfied fans would no doubt spread their positive opinions among friends and online. We anticipate E3 to be the real “coming out party” for the Morpheus, but PAX offers a great headstart.


We’ve seen an interesting trend with the launch of next-gen. Most games seem to be releasing on both PS4 and PS3, publishers seemingly hesitant to truly embrace the new consoles. Instead, they hedge their bets, trying to make as much as they can off new releases by sticking them on as many consoles as possible. There’s nothing wrong with this approach: after all, nobody knew how well the new consoles would sell. Well, now we know they’ve sold very well, hopefully more of the games on show at PAX will be exclusively for the shiny new next-gen consoles. Batman: Arkham Knight is a great start – who will be next?


The guys that run Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, are known for being outspoken, and sometimes this comes to back to bite them. The two have offended large groups of people in the past, and often seemed unrepentant for doing so, alienating large portions of the gaming community. The two seem to be on the right track now, with panels at PAX on encouraging inclusiveness among gamers. Hopefully, this approach will continue, and we can all enjoy a gaming convention without someone doing or saying something inappropriate or offensive. Here’s to hoping!


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