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What Unreal Engine 4 Means For PS4

What Unreal Engine 4 Means For PS4


Underwhelming reveal or not, Unreal Engine 4 is Kind Of A Big Deal. The current iteration, for better or worse, informs the look and feel of roughly 9 billion games this generation due to its ease of use. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Unreal Engine 4 do the same.


Software aside however, Epic’s input could have a strong bearing on the physical make-up of the next PlayStation. Epic famously lobbied to have the specs of the Xbox 360 bumped up, showing Microsoft what Gears of War would look like with double the amount of RAM. Eventually it got its way.


Which turned out to be a win for everyone involved, even if it cost MS a lot of cash in the short term. No surprise then that Epic are back on the stump, trying to get the console makers to up their specs.


Will Epic succeed? Maybe. Although we’re sure that Sony won’t release a console that costs as much, and is essentially as ahead of its time as the PS3, the PS4 will be powerful. As we’ve noted before, the engine reveal may not have been the most mind-blowing thing in the world, but as with Unreal 4 Epic’s hand in things you can’t see might be more important.


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