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What is Project Beast? Demon’s Souls 2 on PS4?

Leaks over the internet have revealed a mysterious “Project Beast”, a game from Dark Souls developers From Software that will apparently be exclusive to PS4.

As well as some blurry screenshots, which depict a shotgun-wielding character fighting spooky monsters in settings that look suitably drab and depressing, a few details managed to slip through the net. The original 4Chan post where the leak originated described a “giant mindflayer type enemy,” “a character placing a shining magic sword into a pedestal at the base of a statue,” and the text “this is a nightmare,” among other things. It all sounds like a Dark/Demon’s Souls game, doesn’t it?

It all begs the question: is this what Hidetaka Miyazaki has been working on? The director of Dark Souls stepped down for the sequel, and we’ve been wondering why ever since. If Dark Souls 2 was developed by the “B team”, is this what the “A team” (not the one with Mr T) have been making? If so, we absolutely cannot wait. Maybe those rumours of a PS4-exclusive Demon’s Souls 2 weren’t so far off, after all?

It’s rumoured that the game was demoed (behind closed doors, of course) with the new Uncharted game, so we expect to see both at Sony’s E3 conference next month. Take a look at the leaked screenshots below – sorry for the quality! These weren’t supposed to be released, after all.


  • sdgdsg

    http://steamcommunity.com/app/236430/discussions/0/558755529464006463/ << its not demon souls 2..we already know this

  • rivencleft

    Shadow Tower 2? The logo’s are almost identical and there are no guns in the souls games, but there are guns in Shadow Tower.

  • Ronivan

    Its probably something like Demon’s Souls, if its not Demon’s Souls 2 itself. But my fear is that they put that useless thing of enemy respawn limitations of the Dark Souls 2. I didn’t play for this problem, and if this new game has it again, I’ll not.