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Unreal Engine 4: Calm Down

Unreal Engine 4: Calm Down


The first shots of Epic’s new Unreal Engine popped onto the internet yesterday, and predictably a lot of people lost their minds.



‘It doesn’t look very good’



‘Where are the graphics?’



‘My Mega Drive could do that’



‘Unreal Engine lol’



‘Fantasy? Pshhhhh’



‘I hate myself’



And so on and so forth. It was always going to happen, and we’ll confess that the shots aren’t claw-at-your-eyes beautiful. But this was to be expected.


Why? Because, in case you’ve not already noticed, videogames already look absolutely amazing. We’ve been spoiled. Yes, graphics tech can get better. But anyone expecting that leap between the last few generations is probably going to be disappointed.


Besides, a lot of the improvements will be in places you’ll probably never see: dev-focused changes to make it easier to create good-looking games.  Next-gen is probably going to be more focused on better worlds and getting more intelligent AI in those worlds. If Unreal Engine 4 makes it easier to create games that look good and have enemies that know how doors work then we’re set.


Besides, everyone knows that the real revolution will only come when we get Red Dwarf’s Better Than Life tech, right?

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