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Tretton ‘Totally Opposed’ To PS4 Used Games Block (According To Pachter)

Tretton ‘Totally Opposed’ To PS4 Used Games Block (According To Pachter)

Speaking on Bonus Round, the web show we’ve never actually watched before today, Michael Pachter has revealed Sony US boss Jack Tretton is ‘dead against’ (not a direct quote) used game-blocking technology.

The tech has been rumoured – we’d say widely, but it’s probably all from one source and just reprinted everywhere as if it’s new news – as a part of the PlayStation 4. It would digitally sign a game to your console when purchased new, and it would not allow those playing the game on other consoles to do so either at all or without paying an ‘unlock’ fee. Basically it’s the worst idea in the world. No exaggeration.

This is a weird one though, because it’s quoting Pachter quoting Tretton, but there you go. As he who is always quoted says the Sony US boss said to him:

“For the record I’m totally opposed to blocking used games. It’s great for the consumer that they can buy those.

“We have a customer that buys our consoles late in the cycle, pays less [and] is looking for value priced games. I think it would be anti-consumer for us to do that.”

And by ‘do that’ he doesn’t mean kill your first-born, though admittedly the idea of blocking used games with a hardware modification does make us feel the same as that wonderful biblical plague/curse/voodoo/whatever it is.

PachTretton went on:

“I don’t know, maybe Japan will think something different, but that’s my view.”

To clarify further, ‘my view’ isn’t Michael Pachter’s view, but Jack Tretton’s view as reported by Pachter on a web show that didn’t feature Tretton. Because that’s the most reliable thing we can get out of Sony right now, it seems.

Next week we’ll go for a thirteenth-hand story, rather than just second. Hopefully it’ll be Michael Pachter again though, so we can use this brilliant image of him we actually didn’t grab on purpose.

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  • shaun

    Squeezing every penny from consumers is what big business does best, This i what happens when (i’m still amazed people out there do) people support the dreaded online pass, yes some of you actually thought it was a good idea!! well now look where its got us.

    Now we will need to purchase a pass to play any part of a game we just purchased, but im sure some of you will still come forward and say its a good idea, so then when ps5 comes to market you will have to pay a daily fee to play its games, or a 30 day unlock code for game you just bought second hand on the ps4, i mean come on is that where this is all heading?

    I fear the next the next idea that comes out of sony.

    And it doesn’t help when gamers get behind these crazy ideas, not everyone can offered to buy new games after shelling out 200 or 350 quid for a new console, in fact i think this will for sure hurt ps4 sells even more so if microsoft does not adopt it for its new console.

    I know if this turns out to be true i will be going to the “dark side” or xbox as most people know it, im not a fanboy but i have bought sony’s machine since the playstation and i have been loyal to it not including the wii i bought my son for his birthday, but i will not purchase a computer that wont let me play second hand games, and what ever other money grabbing stuff the put in it and im sure there are a lot of people out there who thinks the same as i do.

    BAD SONY!!!! BAD!!!!!!

  • Ian Dransfield

    I agree with what you’re saying, but the news is that Sony’s US boss says he’s *against* anti-used game tech.

  • James H

    Is Michael Pachter the only games “analyst” in the world? If so, is that because it isn’t a real job?

  • Ian Dransfield

    He’s not even a games analyst, at least not specifically. He’s a financial analyst for a firm that does things I don’t understand – professional guesser – and he’s just besties with the games industry because he is both willing to talk and lends an air of credibility to what’s being talked about. After all, he wears a suit.

    It’s daft, really. Especially when he’s the only source for anything ever.