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Transistor coming to PS4 on 20 May

Transistor coming to PS4 on 20 May

Supergiant Games, like other indie studios, has a habit of springing pleasant surprises on the gaming community. And here’s the latest such good news – Bastion follow-up Transistor finally has a release date and it’s due far sooner than we expected, set to arrive on PS4 on 20 May.

In case you’ve not heard of the game, it’s a brand new action-RPG from the team that made 2011 sleeper hit Bastion, an Xbox Live Arcade and PC adventure that garnered hugely positive reception thanks to its beautiful visuals, rock-solid mechanics and awesome narration. The game has sold an estimated two million copies to date – that’s a lot of people who will most likely be looking forward to seeing what the team does next.

On many levels, Transistor seems quite similar to Bastion. Even down to the narrator – Logan Cunningham is back. But the sharp new art style and zoomed-out 1080p viewpoint make it feel even bigger, like even more of a grand adventure into the unknown. And that’s perhaps the best thing of all… we know so little about the game at this point that we’re ready to be surprised by it at every turn.

Another month, another great indie game on PS4. We’re starting to see a trend developing here…

Transistor is coming to PS4 (and PC, in case you still haven’t got yourself a PS4) on 20 May and will be priced at $19.99/€18.99/£14.99.

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