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Sony’s Gamescom conference – LIVEBLOG

Sony’s Gamescom conference – LIVEBLOG

How’s it going kids. Get ready for our liveblog of Sony’s Gamescom conference, starting – now!

– Shu Yoshida is sitting in a chair! He’s doing things on the PS4!

– Opening music!

– Right, here’s Jim Ryan to lay down some knowledge.

– Getting the PS3 stuff out of the way first. To start with, a new Gran Turismo 6 trailer.

– Epic music! Opera singers! It’s just a bunch of cars, guys. Calm down.

– And now it’s cheesy power metal? Metal Gear Rising called, it wants its music back.

– GT6 confirmed for December 6th this year.

– Oh yeah, they are making a Gran Turismo movie. Why…

– LittleBigPlanet Hub announced. Free version of LBP it looks like.

– Big on social features. Make and sell outfits, create and share challenges…

– On to Grand Theft Auto V!

– PS3 hardware bundle for GTAV if for some bizarre reason you don’t have one yet.

– Anyone who preorders GTAV from the PSN store gets 75% off another Rockstar game.

– Vita is next.

– Three new game megapacks for Europe… what’s in them? We don’t know.

– Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate is coming. It’s gonna be rad.

– LEGO Marvel, Football Manager Classic 2014, BORDERLANDS 2 all coming to Vita.


– Starbound, Fez and Velocity Ultra 2 coming to Vita and PS4.

– PRICE DROP! Vita will now be €199/$199.

– 7 new exclusive Vita games from Sony coming up.

– Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, Murasaki Baby? (we don’t know either)

– This looks like goth’s wet dream.

– Drag a little child… thing around some spooky, hand-drawn environments. Weird.

– New free-to-play game: Big Fest.

– Create your own music festival.

– Theme Park but with festivals instead… interesting.

– Use real music, from the looks of it. Very… interesting…

– Just unsigned bands so no Slayer, sorry everyone.

– Spelunky on the Vita cannot come soon enough.

– Time for the man himself, Mike Cerny.

– Lame entrance music. Where’s the Blind Guardian?

– Can we have a release date now please?

– Cerny hands it off to Shahid Ahmad, the guy responsible for getting all those great indie games.

– Talking about freedom is all-important for indie devs.

– Rogue Legacy! YESSSSS!!!

– Rogue Legacy on PS4 and Vita next year.

– The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth on PS4 and Vita next spring, free for PS+ customers.

– N++ on PS4 this winter! Woot!

– Guns Of Icarus Online coming to PS4.

– Sony killing it with a bunch of indie stuff.

– Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number debuts on console exclusively on PS4 and Vita next year.

– Well, that was awesome. But now… PS4?

– Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture by TheChineseRoom is next. Looks pretty awesome. Atmospheric and moody and spooky and all dat.

– “This story begins at the end of the world”

– “Rime” is next. Look a bit like a colourful Ico.

– New cross platform game from the guys who made Magicka – “Helldivers”

– Starship Troopers + Diablo? Looks to be a top-down shooter for four players. Looks pretty bloody ace.

– Even more indie games. This one is a shooter. Can’t keep up with all the names. SO MUCH INDIE. From the guys who made Super Stardust.

– Hang on, Shadow Of The Beast is back? Bloody hell! Plot twist! Most of you probably don’t even remember it.

– Showing off The Playroom now. If you need a piss break, now’s the time.

– Comes pre-installed though, and it looks pretty fun. Obviously you need a PS Camera, though.

– New trailer for Infamous: Second Son incoming.

– Still looks like Infamous. Delsin still looks like a prick. Electricity powers make a debut. What else is to come?

– And now some Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer footage. Lots of different options in creating game types.

– Jim Ryan’s back. Are we winding up?

– Nope, he’s talking about Twitch.

– Over 20 video services and applications coming to Europe. Pretty cool.

– Sony Music Unlimited will be available on PS4 day 1.

– Listen to music in the background as you play games.

– Sony is entering in partnerships with various ISPs to offer a range of broadband packages to gamers with HUGE speeds and PS4 and PS+ offerings. Interesting…

– Jim Ryan does not simply keep his hands still.

– Free 14-day trial for PS+ for new PS4 owners.

– Assassin’s Creed 3 for PS+ next month. Yay? Just trolling Microsoft, really.

– And now a live demo of AC4 Black Flag. It’s got pirates in it.

– The demo continues on Vita, via remote play! Pretty cool.

– Almost all games will support remote play except those that need the camera or PS Move.

– More Assassin’s Creed? Why? Zzzzz….

– A live action Watch Dogs movie? Is this relevant?

– And now Watch Dogs, or as we like to call it, “Assassin’s Creed in the future”

– Minecraft is a launch title for PS4. Surprise!

– New free-to-play WW2 multiplayer game, War Thunder.

– Ground, air and naval combat. BIG scale. Like Battlefield 1942 on crack.

– Here’s Andrew House to close out the show. We can haz release date? Uncharted 4? Please?

– PS3 price drop… yay…

– Certain games will be cheaper on PS4 if you already have the PS3 version. Same deal as Microsoft earlier.


– Shot at Microsoft, love it. “Some have been inconsistent and changed their story…”

– USA 15th November, Europe 29th November. Well then.

And that’s it. We have a date!