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Sony Announces Paris Games Week Conference Details

Sony Announces Paris Games Week Conference Details

Disappointed by Sony’s no-show at Gamescom? Looking for your next fix of PlayStation goodness? You won’t have all that long to wait, it seems – following Tokyo Games Show in mid-September, Sony has confirmed that it will hold a press conference at Paris Games Week on Tuesday 27 October at 6pm CEST.

While specifics are scant right now, there are several assumptions we can make. Firstly, the fact that this event will take place pretty much within spitting distance of Quantic Dream’s offices means we’d be amazed if we didn’t see our first glimpse of the remastered Beyond/Heavy Rain double-header, not to mentioning hopefully getting our first look at what the talented team can really do with the PS4’s power – the Dark Sorcerer real-time tech demo shown at the console’s reveal was stunning, so hopes are high for its next project.

Secondly, the timing falls shortly after the release of The Nathan Drake Collection, meaning we’re hoping to see either the reveal of Uncharted 4’s multiplayer ahead of the beta going live (assuming it doesn’t work straight out of the box) or perhaps see a larger chunk of it if the beta has already hit by then.

Finally, there’s the small fact that Santa Monica Studio retweeted Sony’s PSX announcement a few days earlier, potentially teasing a God Of War announcement for the December event. Could we see a tease at this conference, a few weeks ahead of Sony’s own event? Let’s hope so.

Naturally, we’ll let you know if and when we hear any more about the conference but suffice to say we’re already quite excited…

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