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Sony and Microsoft both going “heavily” on free-to-play next-gen

Sony and Microsoft both going “heavily” on free-to-play next-gen

Both Sony and Microsoft are apparently telling developers they are focusing “heavily” on free-to-play and in-application purchasing models for the next generation, according to Epic Games VP Mark Rein.

Speaking at a roundtable discussion, Rein said that the business model now common on mobile devices would end up making its way to console.
“The next-gen consoles are going to be fully embracing the free-to-play and these IAP-type business models,” Rein said, “So in case you don’t know that I’m putting that out there. Sony and Microsoft are both going heavily in that area.”

Old school gamers and traditionalists might not be too happy, but it’s not that surprising. In the most recent issue of Game Informer Sony Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida said the company was working on a free-to-play style game and that the company was open to trying out a variety of different revenue models.

“We are developing a free-to-play type of game, but we haven’t announced it yet,” Yoshida told Game Informer. “We don’t have any subscription-based games in development, but we are not crossing out any type of game; if it makes sense for a particular project, we’ll look at adopting different models. We are open for any types of models. Overall, we are increasing investment in the digital side of development, either through digital titles like Journey that we’ve been doing, but also trying to add more service-based models to our games going forward, like DLCs or additional features post launch.”

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