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SingStar coming to PS4, no mic required

Singstar coming to PS4Upset by the lack of karaoke games on PS4? Well despair no long – Sony has announced that it will be bringing SingStar to PS4 later this year.

The best part of this announcement, though, is that players will no longer need to use traditional microphones. Sony will also be releasing a free mobile app that turns your phone into a virtual mic, coming to both iOS and Android devices alongside the game. The app can also be used to queue up songs, meaning you can line up a new track while others are singing their hearts out, then simply switch over to mic mode when your turn comes to pretend you can sing. Whether existing mics (or indeed other alternatives, like headsets and USB devices) will still work remains to be seen, but you’d imagine Sony will want legacy players who already have all the gear to be able to jump right on in.

It sounds as though PS4 will be getting its own downloadable game client just as on PS3 (and no, it won’t be pinned to the dashboard this time, as confirmed by Sony’s Fred Dutton), but there will also be a retail release in the form of SingStar: Ultimate Party – a 30-song starter pack of ‘epic tracks’ that will also be coming to PS3. The social side of the game is said to be improved, so expect plenty of options for uploading videos or flagging up great performances on Twitter.

As pleased as we are that we’ll be able to annoy our neighbours on a new console, it’s the clever mobile app that has really got us thinking. Imagine a new Buzz game that uses phones as bespoke multi-key quiz answer panels, for instance, or an Eye Of Judgment game that could use phones to scan cards rather than the PlayStation Eye, or even just tie into some new digital card game. Sony’s vision of a connected future is already clear from the synergy between platforms and bold new ventures like PlayStation Now, with little extras like this just proving that we’re headed in the right direction. To the future!

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