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Rocket League PS4 Fan Problems Reported By Players

Rocket League PS4 Fan Problems Reported By Players

Update: One of Rocket League’s developers has been in touch with Play to say that while there is an issue with fan speed increasing that the team is investigating and wants to fix as soon as possible, players need not be worried about their PS4s.


Despite the fan issue, the developer says that there have been no PS4s damaged during testing, so suggests that players need not worry about the safety of their PS4s.


We’ve had no issues with the game during our time with it either, but, as we said in the original story, there are players reporting that their PS4 has turned itself off while playing the game.


Whether you decide to play Rocket League now, or wait until the fan issue is rectified, we recommend you get it downloaded on PS Plus while it’s on there, because we’ve been having a hell of a lot of fun with it.


Original story: We’ve been loving Rocket League since it came onto PS Plus, but you might want to be wary of the game, because some players are reporting that it is causing their PS4s to overheat.


Oddly, it is when Rocket League is in the menu’s that the problem is said to occur, with the fan speed noticeably increasing and some players even reporting that their PS4 is restarting itself due to the issue.


According to the likes of PS4hero on Reddit, Rocket League’s, menu also caused problems with PS4s overheating during the game’s beta.


We were skeptical that Rocket League could have such an impact at first, but the fact that one of the game’s developers has responded to a Reddit thread on the issue saying that it is something they are looking into (along with the fact that a lot of people seem to be reporting the same problem) suggests that Rocket League’s menu really could be causing PS4s to overheat.


You might want to avoid playing Rocket League until this issue is fixed (though we recommend you grabbing it off PS Plus while it’s free, because it’s great) or at least make sure you don’t leave the game sitting in the menu screen lest you suffer the same fate as others.

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