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Resogun free update adds local co-op, ship editor

Resogun free update adds local co-op, ship editor

Resogun is getting a full expansion this week but in the meantime, players can prepare for all the shiny new features the expansion will bring with a free update, released today.

The free title update adds several frequently requested features, primarily the option to play co-op offline – the rules change in local co-op so that both players share lives and bombs, making working together and not being reckless crucial.

Rather brillaintly, there’s also a new ship editor tool, allowing you to assemble your very own voxel craft and share it with the world – check out some of the best ones we’ve found so far.

Balance tweaks, exploit removals and bug fixes make up the rest of the update, but that’s not all – there are even 11 new Trophies (9 Bronzes, 2 Silvers) to unlock, even if you’ve already got ther Platinum.

Sadly, though, in light of all the new stuff here and all the naughty tricks Housemarque has discovered and eradicated, the leaderboards have been reset. Those who managed to reach Hero mode have been forever immortalised in a new unchanging leaderboard for the world to see, so at least the best Resogun players and performances will live on forever.

So head back to Resogun, make some awesome ships, set a bunch of new high scores and generally get ready for Resogun Heroes, which is going to be amazing. If you still haven’t got the Resogun Platinum, you can find some helpful advice on this one and many more in our latest one-shot release, 100 PlayStation Platinums, available now through iTunes.

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