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Red Dead Redemption 2 Development Gearing Up?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Development Gearing Up?

With GTA 5 out the door and next-gen versions due at some point this year, Rockstar will be free to move onto its next big title, which many have been speculating will be Red Dead Redemption 2.


Indeed, Rockstar has not been shy about suggesting that it wants to make a Red Dead Redemption sequel, openly declaring that it sees it as a franchise rather than a one off.


That Red Dead Redemption 2 development is now getting under way seems even more likely given that Rockstar San Diego, the studio behind Red Dead Redemption, is currently hiring for a lot of positions – 37, to be precise.


It would seem that Rockstar San Diego is ramping up development on something and we’re betting (and hoping) that’s it is Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4.


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  • Dikan45

    I’d like to see it on PC this time!!


    I can’t wait for this game the Red Dead Redemption was just awesome…

    AS coming to PC I hope not… rockstar does not like porting their games to the PC at the same time as consoles games are released…. take GTA5 the majority of those games first came out on consoles…

    Just to much pirating on PC

  • PachterStation

    The first game was ace, even though some of the missions clocked in a bit crap. I hope the sequel has more missions and cuts out stuff like racing about looking for flowers. After Game of the Year Edition, I won’t be buying the sequel at launch. I’d rather wait until all the DLC was thrown out. Shame I didn’t know this was going to happen with GTA 5, which I bought on the Xbox 360. I thought Manhunt was decent on the PS2. Rockstar should give it another go, but somehow I can’t see it. Redemption 2 was always on the cards. It’ll be awesome on the Xbox One and PS4.

  • Luke Bailey

    Sweet a second one huh 🙂 looking forward to it