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PS4 The Complete Manual out now!

001_PS4CM_01Got a new PS4 but don’t know where to start? Not sure what games to buy? Want to know some advanced tips, such as how to change the hard drive? Never fear, as PS4 The Complete Manual is out now from Imagine Publishing, for the absolute steal of £7.99. Included in the guide is:

Getting started
– Get to know the hardware and learn how to set it up to your liking.

Essential knowledge
– Upgrade the hard drive, connect your Vita and much more.

The games
– Find out about the best games available or coming soon for your PS4.

Use multimedia features
– Learn how to stream videos, listen to music, and share your gameplay videos

Also inside…
– Setting up your PS4
– Essential PlayStation services
– The PS4 user interface
– Accessing your content
– Track your friends
– Signing into PSN
– Updating the firmware
– Backing up data
– Upgrading the hard drive
– Using the PS Store
– Video on-demand
– Video Unlimited
– Sharing and streaming
– The PlayStation app
– Social gaming
– The PlayRoom
– Frequently asked questions

We’ve also got a complete round-up of the launch games on PS4, letting you know which are worth your time and which you should probably avoid.

PS4 The Complete Manual is available in all good magazine shops now! Alternatively, visit the Imagine Store to order a copy directly.


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