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PS4 system update 1.52 out now

PS4 system update 1.52 out now

Next time you fire up your PS4, expect to find a system update waiting for you – the 1.52 update just went live today.

Those holding out for the removal of HDCP (for free streaming) or media playback features won’t find them here, sadly. This is a modest update in terms of features despite weighing in at over 300MB – it doesn’t add anything new, rather streamlines and improves what’s already there. Users whose machines were running slow recently have reported a noticable improvement in dashboard fluidity and stability and while we haven’t had any issues with ours yet, it does seem to be a tiny bit quicker, especially when accessing the dashboard from within a game.

With this mandatory patch landing so close to Christmas, it seems likely that it’ll be the last major firmware update this side of 2014. If you’re among the masses holding out for new features or the return of some popular PS3 ones, it looks like you’ll be waiting until next year now.

Still, enjoy your ever-so-slightly-better PS4s, people!

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