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PS4 & PS Vita Bundle Leaked

PS4 & PS Vita Bundle Leaked

It’s been rumoured forever, but Amazon France might have finally spilled the beans. The site has a product page for a PS4 and PS Vita Ultimate Player Bundle, combining the two consoles together for a small saving.

The bundle, which is priced at 579.99 euros, looks to come with a PS4 and PS Vita but no games. The prices of the consoles on Amazon France separately are 399.99 euros for PS4 and 199.99 euros for the PS Vita – a saving of only 20 euros.

A saving of 20 euros doesn’t seem significant, but as this bundle is yet to be actually confirmed we question as to whether this is the final price. Sony will almost definitely say more at E3 – assuming this is legitimate, of course.

No confirmation of whether or not the PS4 and PS Vita bundle will be coming to other regions, but something tells us we’ll hear about that at E3 2014.


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