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PS4: New Deep Down screens give first enemy details

Capcom has released three new screenshots of upcoming free to play dungeon crawler and PS4 exclusive, Deep Down. We’ve got the first information on two of the enemies you’ll be facing in a game that totally doesn’t look like Dark Souls (honest!)

First up is the “Jackie”, which you may know better as a Mimic. You all know the drill here: approach treasure chest, eager to discover the wonders inside, open treasure chest, get eaten by treasure chest. There’s probably some social commentary about consumerism in here somewhere.

Next are the Pooriiz, huge insects that swarm the player and try to overwhelm them. Boy, this game sounds lovely!

Finally we have a shot of a player using one of the portals the game revolves around. Set in New York 2094, players explore ancient dungeons using the “memories” stored in magical artifacts. So, Dark Souls X Assassin’s Creed then?

Capcom also released a teaser trailer recently, included below. Deep Down is scheduled TBA 2014.


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