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PS4 Is UK’s Fastest-Selling Console

PS4 Is UK’s Fastest-Selling Console

It’s official – PlayStation 4 has had the best launch of any console ever in the UK, shifting over quarter of a million units in just its first 48 hours on sale.

In fact, you have to wonder how much more violently Sony could have smashed the record – held, oddly, by PSP until now – had it had more units available. Reports from around the country suggest that the machine is pretty much sold out everywhere, an assessment backed up by the kind of prices scalpers (and CEX) are able to charge for consoles right now.

By comparison, Xbox One reportedly did around 150k in the same time frame, with walk-in stock still available in stores. It was this that led to the crazy news stories about how Xbox One outsold PS4 on Black Friday – the simple truth is that outlets still had Xbox Ones to sell, yet PS4 continues to be sold out pretty much everywhere.

The bigger picture is equally positive – as of 1 December, the worldwide total stood at 2.1 million, with a third of that number coming from Europe and Australasia. Not a bad launch by anyone’s standards.

With many stores guaranteeing delivery before Christmas, we have to assume that there’ll be another wave of consoles made available pretty soon. If you’ve not been lucky enough to find one yet, keep your eyes peeled in the coming days or just place an orders with a site still guaranteeing delivery this side of 2014.

And if you have managed to pick one up, let us know what you think of both consoles and launch games either in the comments below or over on Twitter.

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