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PS4: Huge batch of new Destiny info

PS4: Huge batch of new Destiny info

Gameinformer’s new issue has brought with it a huge bunch of new information on Destiny, the upcoming FPS/MMO hybrid from Halo developers Bungie.

Players choose a class – Titan, Warlock or Hunter – and then choose different “focuses” that determine what your abilities and powers are. Focuses can be changed at any time, so two members of the same class won’t necessarily play the same.

Each focus can be leveled up from 1-20 and within each focus there are a number of tiers with different abilities. These include passive bonuses, weapon specialty bonuses, double-jump and teleport abilities, and melee bonuses.

It is intended that players pick weapons and armour that will compliment their focuses, though guns are not locked to particular classes. Armour is class specific, however.

Every player will get a customisable personal vehicle called a Sparrow as well as a space ship that will be visible to other players when it drops you in and picks you up from activities.

Players can be one of three races – Humans, Awoken, who survived the collapse of the past human society but were “forever changed,” and the robotic Exo, self-aware machines developed during the past society that have since had their memories wiped.

Details for some of Destiny’s enemy factions have also been released. There are a group of space pirates called The Fallen, the industrialist and militaristic Cabal, the cybernetic Vex and an ancient race called the Hive.

For even more info, including some great gameplay info, take a look at this helpful roundup on Reddit.

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