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PS4: Doki-Doki Universe launches Dec 10

PS4: Doki-Doki Universe launches Dec 10

Here’s one we’ve been waiting on a while: the delightful looking Doki-Doki Universe, an indie puzzle platformer… thing from HumaNature studios. The game launches next week on Thursday December 10th on PS4, PS3 and Vita, and best of all, it’s cross-play, so you can buy it once and play it on everything.

Players will control the “adorable” robot QT3 as he goes on a journey to learn about humanity with the aid of his pal, Alien Jeff. Yeah, this might not be one for the Call Of Duty fans.

The full game will cost $14.99, so expect to pay around a tenner. It include the full story, 31 “personality tests” (interesting) and the “Doki-Doki mail system” (also interesting.) If you aren’t sure, a free starter edition includes 16 of the personality tests as well as the mail system and a good chunk of the story.

Want to know the kind of thing you can expect? Greg Johnson from HumaNature has a preview of one of the stages:

“This story takes place on a planet called Brrr. As QT3, you’ll encounter an insecure young snowman named Junior, who is ashamed of the fact that he can’t stand the cold. Junior is afraid to tell his father, as he’s sure his dad would never understand.

Meanwhile, his father is worried because Junior is always getting sick, and he doesn’t know why. In this scene, you help them resolve their problems by conjuring up items and helping them to communicate. As we play through this new level on the livestream, we’ll show you how QT3 ultimately helps Junior and his dad.

We hope you enjoy this little preview, and we’re looking forward to our big release day. Everyone at HumaNature Studios wishes you a warm holiday filled with love, acceptance, and happy snowmen.”

Head over to the PlayStation blog for more information.

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