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PS4 Digital Prices Are Absurd

PS4 Store So the UK PlayStation Store is finally up, but the pricing won’t be to everyone’s liking. Or anyone’s, for that matter.

First-party titles (so Killzone and Knack) come in at £52.99, so they’re comparable with their retail counterparts. Most other games that are up so far (they’re not all there yet – the store is likely still being updated as there are some dead links in there) come in somewhere around the same price, though a few (Angry Birds: Star Wars, Just Dance 2014) come in considerably cheaper.

But it’s EA that steals the show, with Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Need For Speed: Rivals, Madden 25 and NBA Live 14 all costing a whopping £62.99. Considering many people were considering going purely digital for this generation, this frankly ludicrous pricing – where somehow, not requiring production of physical media, transit or distribution leads to a more expensive product – might change a few minds. Oh, and the kicker? Those digital EA games are just $59.99 in the US. Ouch.

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