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PS4 1.70 update due next week

PS4 1.70 update due next week

A video released by Sony Japan has confirmed that the latest PlayStation 4 firmware update will arrive on 30 April – given that these updates are usually launched simultaneously worldwide, it’s safe to assume that’s when the rest of the world can expect it as well.

The update adds several high-demand features to the console, including the ability to disable HDCP protection on the HDMI output (meaning you can stream or record freely using standard capture kits), the ability to transfer media such as saved screenshots or recorded footage via USB storage and the ability to upload footage directly to YouTube. It also comes with the new ShareFactory app, a far more comprehensive editing suite than the console currently has and one that will allow more creative video production for more serious broadcasters. It should also fix the Twitch archiving glitch, enabling all streams to be backed up and saved forever should you so wish.

Another handy feature is the ability to pre-load games before release, just as you can do with PC services such as Steam – buy and install the game early and you’ll be able to start playing from the moment it is officially released.

Expect a full set of patch notes and additions early next week. In the meantime, just look forward to your new console getting that little bit better!

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