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PlayStation VR Details: Price, Release Date & More

Sony has finally revealed details on PlayStation VR. The two key pieces of information are the price and release date. PlayStation VR will cost £349 in the UK and will release in October 2016.


In regards to the price, however, that price will not include a PlayStation Camera which is required for PlayStation VR to work. That means that if you don’t already have one for your PS4, you’re looking at around another £40 on top of the £349 that PlayStation VR costs.

VR box

Comparatively, PlayStation VR is a lot cheaper than competitors like Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, but it still represents a significantly outlay. Whether that means it is too expensive to become a mainstream success at launch remains to be seen, but we find it hard to see any but the hardcore being prepared to spend that kind of money on what is, essentially, a peripheral .


Sony says that there are currently 230 developers working on titles for PlayStation VR and that it expects 50 of those games to release between the October release date and the end of 2016.


If you want a closer look at PlayStation VR, then you’ll want to look at our exclusive hardware showcase on PlayStation VR in the latest issue of Play.

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