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PlayStation Now game streaming service announced

Last night at CES, SCE president and CEO Andrew House dropped a megaton of an announcement. PlayStation Now is the new form of Gaikai, the streaming tech Sony purchased last year.

It’s a new service that will allow users to stream games directly to their PS4, PS3 and Vita. To begin with, only PlayStation 3 titles will be available, and Sony is remaining tight-lipped on whether PS2 and PS1 games will make an appearance – if we had to bet, we’d say they will come eventually.

In addition to PlayStation platforms, most new BRAVIA TVs will have the tech built-in, and Sony is promising the service will eventually expand across a multitude of net-enabled devices like tablets and smartphones.

Your games and saved progress will be stored in the cloud, so you can begin playing a game on a PS4, then continue your progress later on on a Vita.

Sony hasn’t offered any specifics on pricing yet, but has said there will be both individual renting of titles and a full, subscription based service similar to Netflix available.

PlayStation Now will begin beta testing in the US at the end of January, with a full roll-out expected expected in the Summer. We still don’t know when the service will be available in Europe. Soon, hopefully!

Visit the PlayStation blog for more information.


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  • Jamie Alan Jackson

    Playstation Now is going to feature full trophy support as well. Shame that Europe is probably going to be waiting until 2015 to see Playstation Now rolled out.