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PlayStation 4: yours for just £349

PlayStation 4: yours for just £349

PS4Playstation fans, rejoice – Sony has announced that its next-gen console will be available later this year for the extremely reasonable price of £349.

This news comes off the back of Microsoft’s announcement that its own next-gen effort Xbox One would hit shelves for £429 in November. Many had expected a lofty price point due to the decision to bundle the machine with the new Kinect sensor, though the upshot is that Sony’s significantly more powerful hardware will be £80 cheaper than its rival. Expect retailers to put together some fairly generous PS4 bundles, sweetening the deal with extra games, accessories and controllers and still coming in at around the RRP of a solus Xbox One console.

Between the price difference and Microsoft’s draconian DRM policies, Xbox has had a bit of a shocker this year – even some great-looking exclusives like Dead Rising 3 haven’t been able to draw chatter away from the lofty price tag and the always-online nonsense for long. Worse yet for Microsoft (but great for us), PS4 can be played offline and will have no restrictions on how you play, sell, share or trade games.

And on that note, Sony made this cheeky little video to explain the process of sharing your PlayStation 4 games. Enjoy, start saving your pennies and we’ll see you in the queues come the end of the year.

Oh, and if you want to stick your pre-order down now to guarantee a PS4 on day one, here are a bunch of links that should help…

Game: £20 deposit
ShopTo.net: No deposit
Sainsbury’s: No deposit (plus 1,000 free Nectar points)
ASDA: £20 deposit
Zavvi: No deposit
Tesco: £20 deposit

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  • stephen

    @ Luke for game add ons do i buy points or do i need credit card for the new playstation

  • It’s likely it’ll be the same as it is now, so you’ll be able to use either credit cards or pre-paid currency cards bought in stores to add funds to your wallet and purchase stuff on the PS Store.