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PlayStation 4 revealed!

PlayStation 4 revealed!

So, as you probably all already know by now, the PlayStation 4 was revealed last night at Sony’s big conference. Let’s run through some of the key points:

– The new Dual Shock 4 features a touch pad, new triggers and a bunch of other slight redesigns.

– A key feature is the new “share” button. This lets you do a ton of stuff, like uploading recorded footage, watching friends play other games, chatting across different games, connect their PSN account with Facebook and way more.

– Gaikai, the pioneering streaming technology Sony bought last year, will play a large part. Gamers can try games before they buy through streaming, play games as they download, play games from previous platforms and more.

– Remote play through a Vita will be possible with all games. Good stuff.

– The system will pay attention to the stuff you like, and may even preemptively download games it thinks you may buy.

A bunch of games were announced, including:

– Knack, a new cartoony-looking action game from SCE Japan

– Driveclub, a racing sim from Evolution

– The Witness, the next game from Braid’s Jonathan Blow

– Infamous: Second Son, the next title in Sucker Punch’s series

– Destiny, Bungie’s “don’t call it an MMO” FPS MMO

– Diablo 3, a port of Blizzard’s PC smash and their first ever console game

We were extremely happy with the announcement, and we can’t wait to find out more. What we don’t yet know is when it’s coming out, how much it will be or what it actually looks like. But then, you already know all this stuff. Don’t blame us for being late, we’ve been putting the mag together all day! Next month’s issue is going to have an enormous 22-page PS4 extravaganza, so make sure you pick up a copy!

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