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Planetside 2 PS4 Beta Coming This Year

Planetside 2 PS4 Beta Coming This Year

Planetside 2’s much anticipated PS4 beta is due to launch by the end of 2014, SOE has confirmed.


“As much as it sounds like we’re blowing smoke, we’re working hard to release a game that feels like a full-on console experience and not just like a port,” creative director Matt Higby told Eurogamer, explaining why the PS4 version of Planetside 2 still hasn’t appeared since its 2013 announcement.


“So it’s taken us quite a long time to re-jigger our user interface and our controls. There’s a lot that needs to get done.”


When Planetside 2 does come to PS4, Higby says he thinks people will be impressed with what they see.


“From a graphical fidelity perspective, I think people will be very impressed with what they see on the PS4. That’s always one of those things people are sceptical about, he said. “I see every time we post an article like this I always get called out: ‘haha, it’s bullshit that he’s saying it’s going to look as good.’ It really does.”


For those of you who don’t know, Planetside 2 is a bit different to other online shooters in that its battles are on a huge scale. Think of it as an MMOFPS rather than just an FPS. This trailer should help make things a little clearer:


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