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Official PlayStation 4 forums open

Official PlayStation 4 forums open

Sony’s community forum now features a section dedicated to PS4 discussion and speculation. If you’ve always enjoyed getting insulted by anonymous pre-pubescents but felt like you wanted to do it on an official PlayStation 4 forum, now’s your chance!

All snarkiness aside, this should be a good place to stay up to speed with other Sony fans and who knows, maybe the odd bit of info will sneak out of Sony HQ via their community. There’s already a ton of discussion on the boards, no doubt people moaning about backwards comparability or the fact that PS4 won’t contain an automatic toast-making device that activates whenever you are hungry.

Follow the link, make a profile, start posting, and stay excited for PlayStation 4. We can’t wait!

  • PlayMagazineLover

    Is this really the Play magazine site? Are re magazines still available for buying subscription in the us? It was always a WAY Better magazine than that game informer crap…there was anime stuff and games!