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No PS4 At E3: Why It’s A Good Thing

No PS4 At E3: Why It’s A Good Thing

PS4, Orbis, the next PlayStation – whatever you want to call it – won’t be showing its face for a while. And that’s something I’m very much glad about.

Rumours went mad with their rumouring ways earlier this year, throwing out the ‘news’ that PS4 would be shown during E3. Sony would beat Microsoft to the punch. The Yanks wouldn’t get the jump on the Japanese for the next generation, unlike the current one. Sony would prevail.

Except, it’s all nonsense. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together (and a spare one to kill with beer) can see it would be too soon – hasty – to announce the next generation this year. And it seems Sony agrees, as Kaz Hirai and Andrew House both moved to distance themselves and the company from claims PS4 would be announced at E3 2012.

But why would anyone be actively glad a new generation isn’t being ushered in just yet? I for one am a complete technophile – I buy new gaming machines on launch without even really thinking about it*. Surely the next-gen of super-machines is Something I Want?

No. This generation still feels like it hasn’t hit its stride. Sure, there’s signs it’s falling to pieces on the Xbox 360 side, with games requiring extra texture installs, coming on 34 discs and needing the console to be hooked up to a diesel generator in order to provide enough power to actually get them running. But PS3 is coasting.

And it doesn’t really feel like it’s being pushed yet. And it needs to be pushed. Remember the twilight years of PS2? When Shadow Of The Colossus came out and shat all over pretty much anything else that generation, even on the more powerful original Xbox? Remember how glorious that run to the finish line was for the console that looked like a Betamax player? Just before it passed the baton over to the next generation and PS3, we saw true glory. We were truly impressed. It made us sad to lose that generation.

What have we had recently on PS3 that could get us pumped for PS4? Ninja Gaiden 3? No thanks. I need it to be pushed to its limit – forced into giving us games we didn’t expect it to be able of producing. Then maybe I for one will be ready to start the preparations for the next generation.

Maybe at E3 2013, then.

*Except for one**


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  • Rob

    I agree the launch of the PS4 now is to premature and would be locking a design in old technology streams.

    The next PS4 release will I believe have to have a life of 15 years and not only be a game console but the media hub for the home.

    Consequently emerging technologies are too immature to adopt. However given a year this should all change especially in the the processor and graphic engine areas.

    I believe the processor will be based around the CELL and support dual memory buses. One for the Games Console element and one for the Media Hub. The graphic engine will have to support 3D digital HD and that tech is new. It needs a field run before adopting into a top end games console. Sony produces the digital elements for the 4k cinema. I wouldn’t be supprised if this technology found it’s way into the PS4.

    In addition I wouldn’t I think the PS4 will come with a Ethernet over mains interface for streaming.


    And one thought with the new development tools cross-compiling shouldn’t be an issue if the target hardware has enough processing power. The tools developed for CELL should allow software developed for the standard linear processors to be ported more easily. Of course it will not be efficient but that shouldn’t matter with the processing power of the CELL in the PS4. Software developed for the PS4 may be difficult to port to other games consoles but would in essense will so the true power of the console.

  • herns

    Sure the graphics will b better next generation. fair call. I think the graphics on the ps3 are great. i’m in no need to upgrade for quite some time. just keep up some awesome titles and i’m happy. Dark souls, Gt5 and the uncharted series are quite incredible.

    Bring out the PS4 around 2018. i’ll be ready then.

    Cheers Sony.

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