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No Left 4 Dead? No Problem. Give Us Day Z Instead

No Left 4 Dead? No Problem. Give Us Day Z Instead


Look, we know we’re behind the times on this one. We get it. But it’s Friday, and we’re in no mood for any back-talk. So let’s get on with it.




Ahem. For the six of you who don’t know what DayZ is, it’s the latest mod sensation over in PC land, converting the rather dry ArmA 2 (another one of those immensely popular PC shooters where realism is prized above almost everything else) into a zombie apocalypse thriller. Except that the most dangerous enemies are the other human players.


Because when you die in Day Z, you are dead. DEAD. Laters. You start off with some meagre supplies, a gun, some ammo, and off you go, traipsing around the massive world the game creates around you. Towns, fields, forests – it’s like actually being there, man.


As with the best zombie fiction, soon the undead become more of a distraction than a threat. Other humans, desperate to survive, will turn on you in a heartbeat, especially if you have something they want. Like food. Or a rifle. Or a helicopter.


We’re not going to bang on anymore. Go to Youtube and check it out for yourself. Then spend about six hours marveling at how much of a troll people turn into when the end of the world happens, and conversely, how people can actually work together.


And then, DEMAND a PlayStation 3 port. Now. And then we can get down to the serious business of killing each other.

  • mighty migal

    how about the play station people just go buy a pc ????
    day z is still in bata so unless you wana wait a long time buying a pc seems like maybe a little bit of a good idear.
    i beleave that concoles are dieing soon pc will be the only platform i one a ps3 an 360 an a pc an ive bought many titles for the pc this year already includeing day z and diablo 3. the concoles are there to entertain my freinds kids coz theres just nothing worth playing with 1 exclusion. FORZA!!!!

    best day z run 14 hours / 380 z kills


    any game any concole any time XD

  • You want what?

    So, you want our PC games….

    We would like to see God of War, The Last of Us, Gran Turismo, Bayonetta, Uncharted many other console exclusives on our little old PCs.

  • SaW

    You know that DayZ is arma 2 mod? Arma 2 is too heavy for consoles. Besides, there are more controls than buttons on console’s controllers. Console gaming is small, portable stuff and arma 2 is some serious shit. PC > Consoles.

  • dyremose

    of course it would be great if it came to the ps3.. unfortunately i dont see that happening since it is an unofficial mod of a PC exclusive title. that said.. i am enjoying the game alot.. it is like that zombie mmo we all dreamt of, but noone made. there is still some infuriating bugs though and some might be put off by getting killed = start over. especially since you spend days if not weeks on this character of yours.
    personally though i think it adds to the tension in the game.. every move is a giant risk. and you need to decide whether the risk is worth it.. if you are low on food or water then you might have to enter that town full of zombies. the pvp element (as mentioned in the article) is also very tense.. you never know if a guy is friendly when you meet him.. on the other hand you dont wanna waste precious bullets or risk a shootout if you are unsure whether he is friendly.. now some people are just douches and attack and loot other players. the best option is to group up with someone since lone bandits are less inclined to attack groups of players. unless you know other dayz players though. grouping up with people can be a very big gamble as some might appear friendly, but backstab you as soon as you get to them.

  • Jacob


  • I really am considering getting Amra 2 just for this game, it looks amazing. I heard it’s rather buggy tho.