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New Xbox reveal imminent

New Xbox reveal imminent

Yes, we know we are a PlayStation magazine, but we love games in general and the next-generation of consoles is important whichever one you personally prefer. The new Xbox will be revealed live from 6pm, and you can watch it directly thanks to the powers of the internets and our friends over at NowGamer. Go take a look!


Early rumours suggest we’ll be seeing Call Of Duty: Ghosts, a new FIFA and Microsoft’s Illumiroom technology among the delights on offer. With this reveal, the next-gen war is truly on and people can start picking sides and mouthing off about the other, as is inevitable. Human nature is a terrible thing. Speaking from an unbiased perspective, the PlayStation 4 reveal was very impressive with its focus on core gamers and original social connectivity concepts. Microsoft are going to have to pull out all the stops!


Head on over to NowGamer RIGHT NOW and get to watching.


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