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New PS Plus? Yes Please

New PS Plus? Yes Please


Rumours abound that Sony is going to spring a PSN-related surprise at E3. Aside from the fact that it won’t be a surprise anymore, we say bring it on. This could be A Good Thing.


The rumour suggests that there will be three ‘tiers’ to the service, each costing a certain amount and offering content that scales with the price. We like it already.


As it stands PS Plus is an interesting yet hardly essential addition to your daily PSN life. Yeah, there’s a few benefits, including renting games via your fee and auto patching, but it’s hardly enough to make us fall all over ourselves in giddy excitement.


What could do that however is the integration of cloud-gaming services (Gaikai?) into PSN Plus 2.0. If, by paying the top fee you could sample a selection of games in a similar manner to OnLive we’d be very interested indeed.


Either way, Sony needs to do something with PSN Plus. It doesn’t have Microsoft’s bargaining chip for Live (pay or don’t play, essentially) because it already enables users to play for free.


Which is great, obviously. But if Sony really wants to really – shudder – monetise the service it needs to take the next step. Cloud gaming and other means of access to top, top titles could be it. If videogames as services is indeed the future, then Sony needs to up its game. PS Plus 2.0 is as good a place to start as any.

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