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Minecraft coming to PS3 this week

Minecraft coming to PS3 this week

Christmas has come early for indie fans – freeform building adventure Minecraft is finally making its way to PS3 this week, joining the ranks of the downloadable greats on Tuesday 17 December in the US and Wednesday 18 December in Europe.

The PS3 version will be identical in terms of content to the other console versions (read: a little way behind the PC version) but the good news is that all console versions will be developed and updated in unison from hereon out, so nobody can boast the ‘best’ version. Well, except maybe PC owners.

Sadly, the closest we got to news on the PS4 and Vita editions is that they’re still in development and that we’ll learn more early next year – still no word on whether it’ll be a Cross Buy title or offer Cross Save support across the three Sony platforms, so we’ll hold out hope for both for now.

Still, in the meantime, at least you can get down to exploring procedurally-generated caverns and jungles, building life-size replicas of Star Wars vehicles and getting annoyed with Creepers every time they blow your stuff up… you know, the usual Minecraft stuff. It’s quite good, that Minecraft – 30 million players can’t be wrong.

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