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‘MGS 6 Can Be Made Without Kojima’ Says Konami

‘MGS 6 Can Be Made Without Kojima’ Says Konami

Konami community manager Graham Day says that Kojima leaving Konami need not signal the end of MGS.¬†The MGS series is so closely associated with creator Kojima that it had been questioned as to whether Konami could continue to make MGS games after Kojima has left, but Day told Game On Daily that “the Metal Gear brand will continue.”


“Metal Gear is about the story, it’s about the characters,” Day said in response to the idea that MGS can’t continue without Kojima. “Look at things like Metal Gear Rising. That was an example of the title being taken and taken in a new direction by separate teams.”


Day also said that reports that Konami is going to abandon console gaming are false. “Don’t believe everything you read in the press,” said Day, insisting that Konami is still committed to console gaming. “Things have been taken out of context. Just because mobile gaming is being embraced, doesn’t mean everything else has to quit,” he continued. “Konami has a history of making the best games around and that is something that will continue.”


We sincerely hope that Konami isn’t finished with consoles yet, especially after it has just released¬†one of the best football games of all time in PES 2016.


When it comes to MGS, we’re not sure how we feel about the series continuing post-Kojima, but we can say that it will be a tough task for whoever is tasked with bringing us MGS 6, or whatever MGS title Konami decides to make next.

  • Charles Parker

    Is this idiot for real? “WE can do MGS without Kojima, Its all about the story. Just look at Metal Gear Rising.” Yeah, MGR was not lauded for its great story. People liked MGR for its great gameplay and music, and for that they just had to hand it over to platinum, the company who can do no wrong in the eyes of the players. But you know Konami isn’t going to do that again. They confirmed they aren’t doing Reveangence 2. This is gonna be the exact same thing as Post Team Silent Silent Hill. In other words its gonna be ten solid years of garbage. They are gonna make it as cheap as they can because they know they’ll make their money back off the series name alone.

  • OldManJenks

    “Piss off” says I.