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Mafia 3 Debut Trailer Has Crocodiles, Vietnam & Hendrix

2K has released the first trailer for Mafia 3 along with details on the game’s setting, main character and story.


The game is set in New Orleans in the late 60s against a backdrop of racial hate and discrimination. You play as a half-black, half-white Vietnam veteran called Lincoln Clay.


Lincoln hooks up with the “black mob” after returning from ‘Nam, but they are wiped out by their Italian rivals and Lincoln is left for dead. It seems that Mafia 3’s story will revolve around you getting revenge on those that killed Clay’s mob family as he builds his own empire by recruiting lieutenants and their factions.


Vito Scaletta, Mafia 2’s protagonist, will be one of those faction leaders, alongside a Haitian Mafia led by Cassandra and an Irish Mob led by Burke.


Mafia 3’s debut trailer hints at the game dealing with some interesting themes (and a banging soundtrack).


You can watch the debut trailer for Mafia 3 below:

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