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PS4 Remote Play: Killzone is silky smooth

A new video has emerged online, showing Guerrilla Games’ Steven ter Heide playing Killzone: Shadow Fall on Vita via PS4’s improved Remote Play feature.

And when we say ‘improved’, we mean improved. Anyone with any experience of PS3 Remote Play will know that while novel, the feature never really lived up to its potential – software encoding meant that Remote Play on the few supported games was laggy and image quality was bad previously. But now it’s fully supported on a hardware level by both PS4 and Vita, Remote Play looks to run almost perfectly over a local network. We’ve previously seen Knack run just as smoothly and while it’s not exactly easy to tell from this low-quality video, picture quality is stunning on Vita’s OLED screen too.

While this low-lag demo gives us an idea of what to expect when using Remote Play in the home – while someone else is using the TV, for example, as with Wii U’s awesome off-screen play feature – it’s worth mentioning that you’ll probably notice significantly more latency if you try to play from outside your own network. Technically, you can connect to your home PS4 from a Vita connected to any wi-fi connection, although lag will depend heavily on both the strength of the wi-fi connection and the upload speed of your home connection. So in the right environment, it could still be a silky smooth experience from the other side of the globe.

Remote Play is one of many features added by PS4’s day one 1.5 firmware update, meaning Vita owners will be able to test out this cool feature for themselves in the coming weeks.

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