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Is Quantic Dream Teasing A New PS4 Exclusive?

Back in December, Quantic Dream – the developer behind PS3 exclusives Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls – said that it would have some exciting news in January. Many assumed that they were talking about the announcement of the rumoured PS4 version of PS3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls, but it now appears that may not be the case.


NeoGAF has spotted the appearance of a teaser site which points to the announcement of something in 7 days, tying in with Quantic Dreams promise of a January announcement. What links the teaser site to Quantic Dream? Well, the style of the page and the seemingly random words written across it are a clear reference to one of the studio’s earlier games, Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in the US), as you can see in the images of the site and Fahrenheit boxart below:


Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 10.07.41



If the teaser site proves to be genuine (the domain has been registered in Quantic Dream’s home country, France), then it would seem that whatever Quantic Dream has to announce, it’s got nothing to do with Beyond: Two Souls. Rather, perhaps we could be seeing a sequel to Fahrenheit or a PS4 remake. Or of course, this could be another hoax, similar to the Fallout 4 teaser site that garnered so much attention last year.

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