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Gran Turismo 6 on the way?

Gran Turismo 6 on the way?

We’ve all been suspecting for some time that Gran Turismo 6 will be announced in the near-future and now we have even more reason to believe. The official Gran Turismo website has been updated with a new section for GT6. It’s empty at the moment, but the mere fact it’s there is interesting.

A special Sony event at Silverstone later today seems like the perfect time to announce the game, so keep your eyes on the road and your ears to the tarmac because the next installment in the famous racing-sim series could be closer than you think.

With PS4-mania running wild and the next-gen race really kicking off, odds are that a hypothetical Gran Turismo 6 would be an early title for Sony’s next console. If our guesses are correct, we might know for sure later on today. Vroom!



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