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E3 2013: Sony press conference roundup

E3 2013: Sony press conference roundup

PlayStation 4 is coming. Oh yes. And after Microsoft’s valiant effort to quell the noise surrounding its DRM and always-online issues with new games and exclusives, it’s time to see what the Japanese platform holder has up its sleeve. We’re hoping for great things. Obviously. We’re Play.

Late start. But good things come to those who wait, right? Or maybe elongated Vita adverts come to those who wait. Just as well we love Vita. All this quick-fire PS3 stuff is super-impressive too.

PS4 now, please.



Translation of Mr Sony Pictures: “All that media stuff on Xbox? We got that too, but we’re still putting gamers first.” Thank you, Sir. Love the NetFlix dig at MS, too…

A fresh look at all the announced titles shows that little has changed, which is fine because they all looked great already. DriveClub, Killzone and Knack for launch, inFamous coming Q1 2014.

Quantic Dream apparently doing comedy now. Maybe stick to drama, guys… still, hopefully The Dark Sorceror will be A Good Thing.

Indie time – new game Transistor from the Bastion dev looks stylish as all hell. Big push for new indie devs too, with some of the biggest names in the business. OH MY WORD OCTODAD ON PS4 YES IT IS LATE BUT YES THIS IS INCREDIBLE NEWS. Also, Voltron is apparently a verb now. That’s cool, that’s cool.

Oddworld Inhabitants and 17-bit (Skulls Of The Shogun) on board too. All this indie goodness exclusively on PS4 first, too. YES.

Final Fantasy? OH GO ON THEN. Versus XIII is back! Looks insane. And Kingdom Hearts III? Yes, yes and thrice yes.

And then it was Assassin’s Creed IV. First gameplay looks sick. The ability to freely explore that world is one we won’t turn down any time soon. Environments are gorgeous. The flow of combat, platforming and exploration looks as good as we hoped. Then some freezing and stuttering. Early code, we guess. Shame…

Cut to Watch Dogs. Good to see gameplay again, looks cool and at least the build looks to be solid this time…

Movies? Check. TV? Check. Sports? Lebron James says check. Your move, Microsoft…

And now Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 too. Damn. Then it looked like it was Fallout 4 and we all went a bit crazy but then it was Mad Max. Just Cause team, though, so we’re still pretty hype.

And then Sony won. No pre-owned blocking, no used copy restrictions, no DRM, no always-online.

Price please. PS Plus continuation, awesome. DriveClub for free, also awesome. We meant console price, but this Destiny gameplay will have to do for now. Oh wait – it looks incredible.

NOOOOOOOOO JONES! Destiny looks stupid good. Individual skill trees per weapon? Yeah, that’ll do it. How much do you guys want? No really, how much?

£349 for PS4. That’s basically an insta-win.

Greatness awaits indeed.

Note: We’ll be updating this post as the conference happens -it’s a live blog of sorts – so don’t be afraid to refresh the page every now and again. If nothing changes for a while, we’ve probably fallen asleep by mistake, for which we apologise in advance.

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