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Don’t Starve coming to PS4 on Wednesday

Don’t Starve coming to PS4 on Wednesday

2014 is not even a week old but already, we’re preparing for the first PS4 release of the year – Klei Entertainment’s survival title Don’t Starve is winging its way to PS4 via PSN on Wednesday 8 January (or Tuesday 7 January in the US).

Better yet, the game will be free to download for PS+ subscribers, with Contrast leaving the Instant Game Collection to make room for it. Don’t worry if you haven’t picked up a PS4 yet – Resogun (AKA The Best Game On PS4) will remain free on PS+ for the foreseeable future, giving everybody who buys a new console a chance to experience its majesty.

Don’t Starve tracks the exploits of Wilson, a young chap who finds himself lost in a bizarre demon world and forced to rely on his wits in order to survive and learn more about this hostile land. Gather resources, craft tools and structures to try and increase your odds of survival… oh, and you might want to grab a bite to eat now and again as well.

Klei Entertainment’s Shank titles were excellent and the PC version of Don’t Starve was extremely well received, so we’re hoping for great things from the PS4 version. In any case, it’s just nice to have something new to play so early in 2014. And for free, too! Wonderful.

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  • Frederico Giuseppe

    So when you say Contrast is leaving, does that mean I won’t be able to play it any more? I thought the title was yours to keep as long as you’re subscribed to PS+ ?

  • jasonisback

    You can carry on playing all free PS+ games you have downloaded as long as you stay a PS+ subscriber. So regardless of if you own then. Head to the Playstation store on a browser and ‘buy’ all the free PS+ games on PS3 & Vita. If you end up getting any of these devices you will end up with a ton of games regardless of if they are still avalible free to PS+ user.

  • Frederico Giuseppe

    Hey, I thought this was how it worked. Just got a little confused by the article saying it was leaving to make room for don’t starve. I was 360 last gen so still getting familiar with PS+.