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Does This Mean Rime Is About To Get A PS4 Release Date?

The astoundingly beautiful Rime looks like it could be getting a PS4 release date in the near future.


Raúl Rubio Munárriz – the co-founder and creative director at Rime developer Tequila Works – has sent out a tweet revealing that crunch is finished, suggesting that Rime’s release date on PS4 is edging close.

We’re delighted to hear it because Rime is looking absolutely spectacular.


With Gamescom taking place next month, we wonder if Sony will announce a PS4 release date for Rime during that event.

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  • Big Boss

    You need to know that Sony won’t even appear at GC.

  • datdude

    It would be nice if the author knew such details, wouldn’t it? Personally I’m hoping to see Wild at Paris games week…..I’m also hopeful for a Rime release date soon and also No Man’s Sky release????

  • Big Boss

    I’m not sure about WiLD because its still in early development, it really seems that Rime is getting a release date soon after that tweet, and I don’t know about NMS, PGW is maybe the event that the release date would be announced, I really hope for a late 2015 release at least.

  • Soda Popinski

    Sony’d be wise to release this in their somewhat lacking Fall 2015 PS4 lineup