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Destiny : New Gear, Expansion Detail & Raid Leaked

Destiny : New Gear, Expansion Detail & Raid Leaked

Destiny’s latest patch has been datamined by the folks over at DestinyDB, with a wealth of information on what’s to come in Destiny updates revealed as a result.

The leak includes information on new gear for all three classes, new materials and templates for vehicle and ship shaders.

Swordofcrota has compiled a list of the leaked information over on reddit, which is as follows:

“This is for the first DLC coming out in December, not the second one. The expansion is called The Dark Below and the raid is called Crota’s End.

I was looking around DestinyDB a while ago and I saw something interesting. There some legendaries there that aren’t in the game yet, including what looks like the 2nd raid’s armor sets.

Note: None of this is official and could change when the DLC actually comes out.

Warlock gear

Helmet- Deathsinger’s Gaze

Chest- Deathsinger’s Mantle

Gauntlets- Deathsinger’s Grip

Legs- Deathsinger’s Herald

Bond- Bone Circlet

Hunter gear

Helmet- Unyielding Casque

Chest- Relentless Harness

Gauntlets- Dogged Cage

Legs- Tireless Stride

Cloak- Shroud of Flies

Titan gear

Helmet- Willbreaker’s Watch

Chest- Willbreaker’s Resolve

Gauntlets- Willbreaker’s Grip

Legs- Willbreaker’s Greaves

Mark- Mark of the Pit

You can’t look at them in 3D like the other armors, but you can see what they look like through the thumbnail. Some of them have abilities for the Vault of Glass but I think those are just placeholders. There are also other legendaries on the website, including Trials of Osiris gear and weapons. Also if you go to materials section you can see ship parts.”

SwordofCrota followed this up with some additional information:

“I wanted to share some other stuff I found, some of it is from the Trials and the others are assorted items I found on DestinyDB

Materials It has ship parts and also templates for vehicle and ship shaders.

Examples of possible Trials of Osiris gear, DestinyDB also says that the game type of the Trials is Skirmish:

Trials of Osiris Hand Cannon

Trials of Osiris Legendary Sparrow

Trials of Osiris Emblem I’ve found three different emblems titled Sun, Moon, and Eye of Osiris.

Other stuff:

XP booster Consumable There’s one for each enemy race but I haven’t found any in the actual game.

New Legendary Armors There are new vanguard and crucible armors for each class. This one is just an example. The skill trees for them are incomplete though. If you look through the armor sections on DestinyDB you can find all the new legendaries. There are also some legendary weapons that aren’t in the game yet.

This is some more speculation but I found a Level 28 playlist and the Crota’s End raid, which goes from level 28 at normal to level 32 at hard. I have no idea if it’s true or not or if it will change when it actually comes out, but I wanted to share that with everyone.”

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